Then and Now

OT-Hobbies is synonymous with Oricom Technologies, and is now mainly a personal
'hobbyist / maker / builder' and project site.

The original Oricom Technologies has been around since 1997, and was previously based in Colorado. The new OT-Hobbies / OricomTech operates out of Nevada. It is and always was a 100% U.S. operation.

Whereas the old OricomTech was a regular commercial endeavor with full telephone ordering and support, the new OT-Hobbies / OricomTech is a web only operation run by a single individual, who is mainly a hobbyist / builder / designer / maker, as well as an experienced electrical engineer and computer programmer.

Because this is an individual personal endeavor, we are not currently providing assembled products.

The new company handles order taking & tech support exclusively via online means only. Order payments are all handled via PayPal for security reasons. PayPal can handle credit cards directly, without the buyer needing to have a PayPal account.

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