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FTDI - USB Adapters

OT-Hobbies boards do not have a USB-to-RS232 chip onboard, and must be used with a separate adapter with 6-pin header for USB communications with a PC.

Compatible FTDI Adaptors

The following adapters are compatible, and provide both USB-to-RS232 communications, plus the ability to program sketches into the Arduino bootloader chips. They have 6-pin female headers which plug into the 9-pin malre header on OT-Hobbies boards. Typical cost is about $15 - $20. The DLP Design cables were the original design that other vendors adopted the pinout arrangement from.

Cloned Adaptors with Wrong Pinouts

The following adapters are NOT pin-compatible with the OT-Hobbies boards. They have a different pinout on the headers from the adaptors listed above, but will likely work if pin-swapping cables are added - and provided they have compatible drivers (we've not tested them).

Cloned Adaptors with Missing Pins

There are also other UART adaptors around, but they may be missing the DTR/RTS pin which is necessary to reset the Arudino.

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