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There are no standard design Arduino boards (eg, UNO, Mega, etc) sold on this site. There are hundreds of other places to get those. Start here.


NOTE - while things are being set up, all sales are being handled on a 1-on-1 basis, contact us via email at
< othobbies@yahoo.com >

A major goal of the OT-Hobbies boards shown here was to get around the major limitations of Arduino boards with the common -UNO form factor. This includes:

  1. too hard to make "permanent" connections to the Arduino female header pins.
  2. poor customizability.
  3. lack of protection against overvoltages and short-circuits on I/O lines.
  4. too little 5V and 3.3V current available - especially at 3.3V.
  5. boards running too hot.
  6. too little RAM.
  7. too few A/D channels.
  8. presence of only one RS232 hardware UART.
  9. problems with poor level-shifter design of many XBee shields.

We've been designing embedded computers for many years, and the boards shown here incorporate many features proven in the field. See the next page for better design solutions.

OT-Tredici 1284 Board KIT -- (here now) --
- Arduino-UNO compatible Board with ATmega1284 -

(requires assembly)

  • 40-pin 1284 chip, 128 KBytes Flash, 16 KBytes SRAM.
  • 32 I/O lines total, 8 A/D channels, I2C header.
  • big 5V & 3.3V regulators.
  • standard Arduino-UNO headers, plus 3-row Extension Headers.
  • series-R protection and voltage dividers on most I/O lines.
  • socket for 128 KByte SPI SRAM or EEPROM chip.
  • XBee socket - (XBee module not included).
  • piezo beeper, Led, ICSP header.
  • NOTE - requires use of FTDI Cable or Friend.
  • [OT-Tredici]

    OT-Proto1 Shield KIT - Arduino-UNO compatible shield
    (requires assembly)

  • big 5V & 3.3V regulators.
  • standard Arduino-UNO headers, plus 3-row Extension Headers.
  • large prototyping area, over 300 pads.
  • layout for series-R protection and voltage dividers on all I/O lines.
  • socket for SPI SRAM or EEPROM.
  • RF - layouts for XBee, RFM12/22, nRF2401.
  • LM386 audio amplifier, 3 Leds, 2 pushbutton switches.
  • [OT-Proto1]
    A prototyping shield that
    actually needs a schematic.

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